Hiya / Salut / Dia duit / Kia ora;

Welcome to my blog about life , liberty & raising children in Paris.

I’m Irish , My husband’s a Kiwi ( hairy on the outside , soft on the inside) and we have two Franco-Irish-Kiwi kids. Our daughter is eight going on eighty ( she can be so mature & astute sometimes it blows my mind , she writes poetry that makes me cry). Our son is four and determined to rewrite the rules & regulations of the French constitution. He’ll make a great rugby player some day  (If they keep me off the pitch for chasing away the bigger boys with my handbag that is …….)   

We love travelling and re-learning to think outside the box by spending time hanging out with our kids. ( Now that all the nappy business is finished with , I really didn’t enjoy that bit …) Somehow, we manage to fit our jobs into the equation ( We both work opposite hours) and thats where it all gets hectic & hilarious…….

We, along with a whole crew of other demented expats, sell lots of Irish (& other) beers to the French , and educate them on the customs of hooley’s , haka’s and hangover cures. (I also make them drink tea with milk from time to time , but they’re not so into that). They in return keep us busy tasting unbelieveable smelly cheeses , beautiful bordeaux’s ; (oh my God , I had a verre of St Emilion the other day that I wanted to marry) and of course their great sauces , sautées , steaks and pastries…..

They used to teach us how to speak the lingo , but the kids have taken over on that one & have a great time embarassing us (well more so me) about our accents and the silly mistakes I still make in Franglais. 

Our home on any given morning is like an international rugby match : France v New Zealand : Irish referee. I got the whistle because I’ve got the biggest mouth ………I can get fairly atomic about lots of things be they fun or failure , misgivings, misfortunes or miss whatever her name is ……. I suppose that what this blog is all about……. 

If you like it say so , if you don’t you might as well get it off your chest too. Thats why I’m doing this.

A la prochaine ,

Mama S.xx


2 Responses to About

  1. Catriona says:

    I’m an Irish journalist and I would love to interview you about life as an expat mum in Paris.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Kind regards,

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